What Can Akoe Do?


The Asset module provides the capability to track and manage individual assets. You can define a list of asset types, nested to any depth desired (similar to the chart of accounts), which provides a convenient means of grouping assets and reporting on them at various levels of detail.

Asset functionality is fully integrated with the various documents in Akoe (such as requisitions, sales orders, deposit worksheets, and payment worksheets), so once you have defined an individual asset, you can do things like record the purchase on a requisition or directly on a payment worksheet, or record the disposal on a sales order or directly on a deposit worksheet.

Akoe also provides asset journals for posting asset-related entries such as depreciation, and will automatically generate the appropriate entry details on disposal to clear the asset cost and accumulated depreciation, as well as record the appropriate gain or loss.

Asset reporting includes an asset trial balance for viewing totals by Asset Type and reconciling to the general ledger, as well as a full transaction history for any selected asset.

What Is Akoe?

Why Use Akoe?