What Can Akoe Do?


Organizations/Associates provides similar functionality to Households/People, but is geared more toward contacts that are businesses or other charities. It is particularly valuable if you receive donations from businesses or organizations, or if you are using the Payables module to pay your suppliers.

It allows you to create Organizations including info such as mailing address, phone number, fax number, offering envelope number, and website address. You can then create Associates as members of that Organization, including info such as job title and gender, and you can even create a user account for an associate to login to Akoe (your auditor for example).

You can also define e-mail address types, and phone number types, and then add unlimited e-mail addresses, and phone numbers to each Associate.

You also have the ability to add Notes to either Organizations or Associates in order to preserve info or comments that need to be tracked but don't fit in any of the other fields.

Since Organizations and Associates are the framework for your users, donors, vendors and more, Akoe also maintains a complete audit trail of all changes made to each Organization and Associate, including what was changed, the date it was changed, and who made the change.

What Is Akoe?

Why Use Akoe?