What Can Akoe Do?


Households/People (or alternatively, Organizations/Associates) is the only required module, and provides the framework for not only all your church family, but also your users, donors, vendors, customers, and staff (as appropriate).

It allows you to create Households including info such as mailing address, phone number, anniversary, church mailbox number, and whether they are a current member/adherent. You can then create People as members of that Household, including info such as offering envelope number, birthday, gender, as well as status and household role, which are both user-definable.

You can also define e-mail address types, phone number types, and markers (for significant milestones), and then add unlimited e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and significant milestones to each Person.

It also includes the capability to define group types (such as committees, or small groups) and then create an unlimited number of Groups with a roster of members for each.

Households/People also includes related reports such as a church directory, member lists, envelope lists, church mailbox directory, and others.

You also have the ability to add Notes to either Households or People in order to preserve info or comments that need to be tracked but don't fit in any of the other fields.

Since People are the framework for your users, donors, vendors and more, Akoe also maintains a complete audit trail of all changes made to each Household and Person, including what was changed, the date it was changed, and who made the change.

What Is Akoe?

Why Use Akoe?