What Can Akoe Do?


The Receivables module provides functionality for recording amounts owed to you, and managing payments received. It allows creation of a sales order for each individual or organization from whom you expect to receive payment--whether for tickets to an event, study materials for a course, a government rebate, or more.

A sales order can contain an unlimited number of detail lines, which allows you to enter a detailed breakdown of the amount you are owed, with allocation to the correct department and fund as appropriate.

Deposit worksheets allow you to (among other things) enter payments you've received from customers, and specify the details of which posted sales orders the payment is to be allocated. Once posted, the worksheet remains accessible as a permanent record of amounts received.

Receivables reporting includes a list of unpaid invoices at any given date, as well as a full transaction history for the selected customer.

What Is Akoe?

Why Use Akoe?