What Can Akoe Do?


The Donations module provides full capability for recording receiptable donations for both people and organizations (as appropriate). Receipts can be issued annually on all donations for each donor, or at any interval on any subset of donations or donors, both in hard copy or by e-mail. Receipts can also be reprinted, re-issued, and voided, all as per CRA requirements for official income tax receipting.

Donations can be recorded on the Deposit Worksheet and will automatically post donation amounts to all licensed modules as appropriate. Akoe can easily and efficiently accommodate scenarios in which you receive one cheque from an individual or organization that includes both receiptable and non-receiptable amounts.

It also includes donation journals which, similar to general journals, allow more direct donation entries for those with sufficient experience to record things like donations in kind, adjustments, and corrections.

Users to whom you've given permission to issue donation receipts also have the option of uploading a scanned image of their signature, to be printed on any receipts they issue, in lieu of handwriting on each receipt.

Reports are available for both individual donor activity and history, as well as aggregate statistics.

What Is Akoe?

Why Use Akoe?